Back to You - Self Paced Course

Back to You is a self-paced course that teaches burnt out moms with babies & toddlers how to get 30 minutes of "me" time every day so they can feel like themselves again.
Being burnt out is like trying to drive your car at 100 miles an hour with an empty tank of gas. If you don't change something soon, you'll have a literal breakdown.
That's why I've created a step by step system called the Back to You Blueprint, where you'll learn how to build a support system (even if you don't have one built in), get your baby or toddler on a predictable routine, simplify your tasks so you can lessen the mental load of motherhood, and finally you'll create your weekly plan so you can get things done AND have that 30 minutes of uninterrupted "me" time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Although this is a self-paced course, you won't be on this journey alone. You'll have access to the course content, weekly Q&A calls, and a members only Facebook community where you can ask questions and get support whenever you need it.
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6 Week Coaching Program - 1:1 Virtual Services

In this 6 week coaching package, we will work together to reach your most important mom goal.
This can be something like…
– managing postpartum depression & anxiety
– practicing self care or making time for you
– nurturing your relationship with your partner
– getting your household tasks under control
– interpreting & responding to your baby’s cues
– getting more sleep (for you and the whole family!)
– finding your rhythm and establishing routines
– mastering the art of breastfeeding
– making new mom friends & getting out more
– getting in shape and eating healthier
– whatever is going to make you more confident in your motherhood!
We will have one 60-minute session where we will define your biggest struggle, determine the root cause, and make an action plan. You can email me any time for additional support. After 3 weeks we will have a 15 minute follow up to assess your progress and adjust the plan as needed. After 6 weeks, we will meet again for another 15 minutes to reflect and celebrate your success!
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